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Knee Pain, Knee Injury & Rehabilitation


Our approach to managing osteoarthritisparticularly of the knee, is based on the latest research and is an exercise based approach. Some patients with osteoarthritis require knee replacement and we have successfully managed over 500 knee replacements. Patients have free access to our gym or can be provided programs to do outside the clinic.

We have special interest in managing anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions (ACL reconstruction), and meniscal/cartilage tears with several of our team having extensive experience in elite sport. About 70% of meniscal or cartilage injuries do not need surgery and can be effectively managed by our approach. There is a high recurrence rate of ACL injuries, particularly in teenagers and females and preventative programs are crucial.

Related injury to the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles, usually referred to as muscle strains or muscle tears also  affects and is affected by knee function. 

Patient Info:

For patient comfort during a knee injury assessment, please bring the following to your physio appointment

  1. A pair of shorts or loose fitting tracksuit pants
  2. Your usual footware for walking or sport
  3. Imaging Reports
  4. Referral forms

For emergencies, a physiotherapist is available for after-hours appointments.

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