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This is an injury that affects the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) that sits between the ulna and radius in the wrist.


Mechanism of Injury?

This injury occurs when there is a high compression force placed through the joint. This is usually seen with someone landing on their wrist. The other mechanism this injury can occur with is a golfer striking the ground.

Pain and Symptoms

Pain will usually be over the back of the wrist and towards the ulna side of the wrist. Often there may be some swelling over the affected area. It is usually tender to touch over the affected area. Patient may also report clicking and catching within the area.


Diagnosis of this condition can usually be confirmed with the assistance of MRI.


If there is a large tear through the TFCC this will require a review with a hand specialist and possible surgery to follow. Conservative management is used for this condition and will usually include the following:

  •  Activity Modification/Rest – A period of activity modification is recommended to help unload the irritated area.
  • Bracing – The wrist will be braced or taped in neutral to help unload the area.
  • Medication – There are several medications that are sometimes used to assist with symptoms. These should be medically prescribed.
  • Strengthening – A carefully designed strengthening program is required to help restore normal function in the wrist and forearm region.
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