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Occupational Back Pain. Take It Seriously.

Did you know that if back pain makes a person miss four to twelve weeks of work, that person will have a 40% chance of missing work for the next year? Research suggests that occupational low back pain is a different and more serious entity that other low back pain.  From a practical standpoint, occupational low back pain can be distinguished as a different type of challenge than other back pains for reasons such as these:


  •  Onset is often more sudden
  • Treatment is often more costly – especially when people wait for the back pain to become chronic or long-standing
  • Subsequent disability is more frequent
  • The proven predictors for positive outcomes are different than the predictors of positive outcomes for other types of back pain

When it comes to back pain, we are not fans of the wait-and-see approach.  We encourage professional assessment and early, active intervention.  Without physiotherapy, same-year recurrence of serious low back pain has been measured as high as 44%.  The single strongest predictor of recurrence is a history of low back pain.  Joblessness is no vacation.  It is associated with depression, more health problems, and a host of family problems.  Always keep physiotherapy in mind for beating back pain early and long-term, minimizing the possibility for chornicity and disability.

At Advanced Physiotherapy, we are able to combine the expertise of experienced physiotherapists and that of an accredited exercise physiologist.  Our advanced work conditioning programs combine cognitive-behavioural approaches, rehabilitation, education, pain relief, and testing to get you work-ready as fast as possible and to minimize lost wages while never compromising patient safety

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