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Instructions for wearing in Orthotics

New orthotics are just like new shoes so it is important that you wear them in gradually to minimize any discomfort or skin irritation while you adjust to them.

Day 1 – Wear your orthotics for 1 hour

Day 2 – Wear your orthotics for up to 2 hours

Day 3 – Wear your orthotics for up to 4 hours

Day 4 – Wear your orthotics for up to 8 hours

If your orthotics become uncomfortable during the time they are being worn then remove them and do not wear them again for the rest of the day. The next day return to wearing your orthotics and aim for the time that you were unable to achieve the day before.

wearing orthotics


Once you can comfortably wear your orthotics for up to 8 hours then you can begin to use them for sport.

  • 1st time sport – Wear your orthotics for one quarter of the time that you will be playing sport.  Use them during training first.
  • 2nd time sport – Add another 15 minutes wearing time every three days until you are wearing your orthotics for the complete sporting activity.

Wearing in times for orthotics can vary between individuals and may take 2 -4 weeks. If you are unable to gradually build up to wearing your orthotics all day then contact your physiotherapist.

If you do not follow these instructions then you risk an increase in symptoms, blisters, ache, irritated skin and poor adaptation to your new orthotics.

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