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Foot Pronation & Orthotics

Feet are incredibly complex structures that are put under alot of stress everyday normal activities such as walking, running and jumping. In running up to 10 times body weight can go through the foot. Considering the average person takes approximately nine-thousand steps each day – excluding sporting activites – its no surprise that Advanced Physio treats a variety foot-related injuries. A person’s feet will roll as their weight passes from the heel to the front of the foot. Pronation is normal as is the foot’s way of slowly accomodating to the shape of the ground and absorbing the weight of the body so the ankle, knees, hips and spine don’t undergo a jarring shock during walking or running.


Sometimes feet may pronate too much, stresssing many structures within the foot. Overpronation can be the result of injury or contribute to an injury. Overpronation not only affects the foot and ankle, but can cause pain at the knees, hips and lower back. When the foot pronates it rolls in and causing the bone of the lower leg to rotate, placing stress on the tissues in the knees. Symptoms can include pain at the front of the knee. Common disorders associated with overpronation include Shin pain (shin splints) , Plantar fasciitis , Knee pain , Hip pain, Low back pain,  Metatarsalgia,  Achilles tendinopath

Advanced Physio Treatment

Advanced Physio uses foot orthotics to treat foot overpronation. Orthotics have many benefits including changing a patient’s ankle biomechanics to control overpronation. Our physiotherapist will perform a biomechanical assessment to assess the way the joints of the patient’s body move under weight. Advanced Physio also takes into account any additional activities, age, health when considering treatment. Advanced Physio’s foot orthotics are specially designed with insoles that replace normal innersole of shoes. By supporting the foot’s arch, orthotics decrease the amount of pronation in the ankles, unloading the irritated or damaged tissues.

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