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Avulsion Fracture

This is a fracture that occurs at the attachment sites of both ligaments and bone pulls away from the attachment site of the soft tissue.

calcaneal avulsion fracture


  • Twisting or rotational injury of a joint.
  • Sports that involve high impact, jumping

Common avulsion fracture sites include

  • Rectus femoris muscle from the pelvis
  • Hamstring muscle from the pelvis
  • Lateral ligaments in the ankle
  • ACL in the knee
  • Peroneal tendon in the foot

Pain and Symptoms

Symptoms can include some or all of the following:

  • Pain is usually quite severe in and around the area of injury
  • Usually very tender over the area of injury
  • Often will have trouble weight bearing if it is a lower limb avulsion


Plain X-ray will usually show up the avulsion


This depends on the site of the injury and the nature of the fracture. It requires a medical opinion. Physiotherapy can ensure that recovery is optimised after fracture healing through an exercise program.

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